My RV-6A's Options

Electric Trim I like the idea of being able to trim with the touch of my thumb on the control stick without ever having to think about it. This makes it possible to trim while doing other important tasks such as flying the plane.
Rudder Bottom without rear facing white light The combination lights that go on the wing tips work fine, so why run wires where you don't have to.
Manual Aileron Trim Actually, I got the electric trim and forgot to install it. But, the more I think about it, the more I think the manual is better. At least I won't have an ugly little piece of a piano hinge hanging off the aileron. Also, this simplifies the aileron construction.
Duckworks Landing Lights My RV will have two of these; one is installed on each wing leading edge.
Warren Gretz Pitot Tube Mount If you are going to be IFR, you will need pitot heat. My pitot tube also has a static port, so both are heated. I'll also install Van's static source in the fuselage as a backup.
Wing Tip Strobe and Nav Lights I like the idea of having the high power wires limited to the wing tips far away from any audio wires or antenna cables.
Sliding Canopy I don't like the idea of cooking on the ramp.
Electric Flaps I'll wire this to a switch on the stick to help with multi tasking in the cockpit. In addition, there will be a backup flap switch on the panel.
Firewall Recess Box Necessary to accept the prop governor for constant speed prop installations.
Dual Step Kit Just to help save my flaps and maybe make climbing in a little easier
Static Air Kit This is a pretty inexpensive way to have a convenient and reliable backup static source.
Dual Brake Kit I plan to fly from the right side some to let my pilot friends get the full experience of flying my RV.
Map Box Kit Fits nicely into the far right side of the panel which has the least tactile or visual value.
Andair Fuel Selector Seems to me the most critical components should be the best quality you can find. Looks cool too!
Van's Foam Seat Kit I would like to have seats made by GBI or Cleveland, but at only a tenth of the cost, I can have something pretty comfortable and fairly good looking.
Andair Gascolator Guess I'm kind of use to "draining the sump" during the pre-flight walk around.
Electric Primer With a push of a button on the control stick, gas is squirted into a couple of cylinders.
Constant Speed Prop Need that flexible climb/cruise power. Especially for mountain flying.

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