Stewart Laing's RV-6A

I designed this site primarily to share my airplane building experience with friends and family. And, because other builder's sites have been of great help to me throughout the process, I hope the information contained herein will allow me to pass on the favor. Questions, comments, lectures, admonitions, and encouragement are all welcome. Just click on the email link at the bottom of this page. Thanks for stopping by.

N647SL had its first flight on August 27th 2005. Since that time it has flow a total over 800 hours. It was finally painted in 2013 as pictured here during the ramp dedication at Meadowlake Airport (KFLY).
I started building it in my basement in Dayton, OH in April 1999. Then, moved it to Montgomery, AL where I rented a T-hanger at the Montgomery airport to finish the tail, build the wings, and start the fuselage. In October 2000 I moved it to my garage in Troy, IL where I worked on the fuselage until summer of 2003. Then, I moved it with me to Fort Walton Beach, FL where I completed it. With a lot of help from the hanger mates of EAA Chapter 108, I moved it to Crestview airport (CEW), about 30 miles from the one-car garage attached to my townhouse that had been its home for the last 2 years and performed the test flights. With exactly 40 test hours flown, I brought it to my new home in Colorado Springs, CO. It is now based at Meadow Lake Airport (KFLY) in Falcon, CO.

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